Rookie PCPD Officer

Since as far back as she could recall, Reena had always dreamed of becoming a police officer. Possessing an inherent desire to help others, she was never one to shrug off a friend in need and would be the first to step in when she witnessed someone being bullied. Helping an elderly person cross the street, aiding a child looking for their lost pet, or offering a hand to a complete stranger, are all everyday occurrences for Reena. She is practically selfless–an unusual trait in a megecorp-run world where materialism and self-interest are the status quo.

Born into a well-to-do family in the city of Old Metro, Reena was raised with a firm belief in the concept of noblesse oblige–that it’s the responsibility of people with the privilege and means to help those less fortunate. Reena attended Metro High School and, upon graduating, enrolled in the local police academy’s new “fast-track” program, designed to quickly fill the growing demand for fresh officers.

Despite her low grades and nearly failing every course in the academy, Reena’s instructors still noted her potential and boundless determination. (The urgent need for new officers also restricted how selective the academy could be.)

Reena graduated the academy’s brief three-and-a-half month program at the age of 18 and was immediately assigned to the Pallad City Police Department. Though it meant she’d have to move away from her friends and family, Reena couldn’t refuse a chance at her dream job.

What she lacks in studious aptitude, Reena more than makes up for in her jovial spirit and perpetually positive attitude. And, while some may see her youthful naivete as a crutch, Reena exhibits an unwavering confidence to combat the perils that come with being a PCPD officer.

Ice Queen of the PCPD

Born in Pallad City, Madison was forced to become street-smart at an early age. Growing up in a rough, impoverished neighborhood on the outskirts of the Kurtow Ruins–an area known for its lawlessness where even the police dare not venture–every day was a fight for survival. Madison’s parents died when she was young, leaving her homeless and left to fend for herself. Over the following years, without any adults to look after her, Madison learned how to endure in even the most dire of circumstances.

Madison eventually enlisted in Death Widow, a private military company. She spent the next few years with the PMC, working on contracts across the globe. After severing ties with the company, she relocated back to Pallad City and applied for a position in the police department. She quickly rose up the ranks and was assigned to the Special Crimes Unit.

Where some officers embrace the system, Madison is constantly on the edge of it. She’ll employ any method at her disposal to close a case and bring down a perp. This often lands her in hot water with the Department, but the Chief is hesitant to rein her in, due to her impressive track record and the undeniable results she achieves.

Madison spends much of her free time at the firing range (she’s won the police marksmanship award two years in a row) and rarely associates with fellow officers. She has a record of prior issues with partners that were previously assigned to work with her. Madison’s hardened and distant demeanor has led many on the force to refer to her as the “Ice Queen of the PCPD,” while her loose cannon tactics have earned her the title, “Maniac” Madison.