Arie Skye, Pallad City Post

(Continued from Section 3C)

“I see this as the next exciting chapter in our park’s history,” said Dalton Trayer, owner of the Fantasy Funland theme park, which is celebrating its twentieth year in operation. “Having Hanu as our new mascot is a perfect fit for both the park and the character. After all, who doesn’t love Hanu—and who doesn’t love Fantasy Funland?”

Trayer recently purchased the rights to Hanu the Monkey from Telco Toys, the company responsible for the creation of the popular character over fifty years ago. Telco declared bankruptcy last April, resulting in the sale of Hanu’s licensing rights. Kren Telco, founder of the former toy company, passed away two years ago. Telco’s son, Garrick, took over the business until the bankruptcy.

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.