The first novel in the series!

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Includes two thrilling stories in one action-packed volume!

File 1: Work Relations? Welcome to Pallad City!

Reena Saffron has just graduated from the academy and is ready to begin her first day as a full-time officer with the Pallad City Police Department. But it’s a rough start for the idealistic rookie when she’s partnered with ‘Maniac’ Madison Wynter, a loose cannon officer with the Department’s Special Crimes Unit, whose methods stretch the law to its very limits. These two might be polar opposites, but they’ll have to find common ground if they ever plan to stop a rampaging military-grade power suit! And can Reena even hope to bring this mechanized terror down, or will her first case also be her last?

File 2: The Main Event! Enter the Prima Arena?

A dangerous drug known as Afterlife has hit the streets of Pallad City. But Afterlife’s no cheap high, it’s a super steroid that offers the user unparalleled euphoria and near superhuman strength. The side effects? Psychotic impulses and insatiable bloodlust.

Now it’s up to Reena and Madison, Pallad City’s finest, to find out who’s manufacturing the drug before the city’s overrun by an army of maniacs. Their lead? An underground fight club called the Prima Arena, where female combatants brawl it out in deadly no-holds-barred matches. Madison’s only option is to go undercover and infiltrate this so-called ‘ring of ruin’ if she ever hopes to break the case…and that’s if she doesn’t get broken first! And the Prima Arena’s reigning champ, the sadistic siren Apega, is determined to bestow the ultimate humiliation on anyone foolhardy enough to challenge her. With time running out, Madison needs to lay down the law without being laid down and out herself!


Story by Midnight. Cover art by Katsu. Prima Arena art by Karis Coba.