“The Sun Never Sets” 

Thank you for your interest in Horizon Global Solutions (HGS). For over forty years, HGS has established itself as one of the most trusted aerospace and defense companies in the world. Our security and advanced technology divisions have served both commercial and government customers around the globe.

HGS is a world leader in aerospace development, including business aviation and combat aircraft. Our military-grade models (manned and unmanned versions) utilize next-generation technology guaranteed to surpass all competition on the market today. The recent expansion of our spaceline division ensures our customers that HGS will be equipped for both commercial space travel and corporate extraplanetary mining operations in the coming years.

Four decades and counting, HGS has been at the forefront of cutting-edge combat systems. We pride ourselves as the global leader in superior design, performance, quality and reliability of our wheeled and tracked vehicles. Our latest tank model, the TCV-Athartos, has repeatedly outperformed similar armored-class vehicles designed by our competitors in a series of simulated field tests.

HGS has recently established a Marine Systems division, with design focus on a series of remotely-operated submersible stealth watercraft. Please inquire for more information.

Mainframe protection, preemptive system incursion, and counter-infiltration technology is the basis of successful cyber warfare. HGS employs the cutting-edge in information technology, providing the products and services that guarantee results, while ensuring maximum system security and preventing unsolicited data breaches.

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Katsu.