Morning Madness with Brice Yates – NetRadio Program

YATES: Good morning, Pallad City. It’s 7:01am and you’re listening to X88.2—this is Morning Madness with Brice Yates. It’s 89 degrees in the city and not a cloud in sight. Joining me in the studio once again is my co-host, Holis Duran.

DURAN: Morning everyone. Hope you’re all enjoying this sweltering summer heat wave in November.

YATES: I’m certainly not. Some irregular temps we’re having. All the weather manipulation tests the government’s running really did a number on us, huh?

DURAN: They claim it isn’t their fault, but who’s going to believe that? Speaking of government, Pallad City’s own Mayor Neville has been busy lately—

YATES: What happened, got himself kidnapped again?

DURAN: [Laughter] Not this time—instead he’s stepping up his Renew Initiative to make Pallad City more tourist friendly. Uh, I’m not sure there’s enough money in this city to accomplish that…

YATES: Tourist friendly? How? And why would anyone actually want to visit Pallad City? What’s the incentive?

DURAN: Fantasy Funland, obviously!

YATES: [Laughter] Too soon. On the other hand, if a bunch of tourists start flooding the streets, maybe they’ll be the ones getting mugged—not the people who live here!

DURAN: You mean, I might be able to walk my dog without getting jumped? Maybe this is a good idea, after all.

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.