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25 :StrangleOrder: 11/01 (03:12:01) ID: 7dee71nm2
Electric Empress is the undisputed top rank. Name another Netraver who infiltrated a city’s GeoCore sec codes? If she dived deeper and set that core to critical, she could’ve nuked Pallad City from below.

26 :Nightfair: 11/01 (3:13:45) ID: 1dns82ty1
Nah. Problem with Electric Empress is she has limits. She’s strictly gray hat, so who knows what she’s really capable of? Skilled Netraver, sure, but not in the same tier as the Black Queen. BQ is legendary. She collapsed multiple megacorps in a single day and bypassed Enterprise-class Net-barriers like they were vaporcode.

27 :MaaXo: 11/01 (3:14:39) ID: 5vbn01sd4
Srsly? U people need 2 learn bout real NETRAVERS, not lo-tier hackrs. Only 1 name u gotta kno. PSYCHO CIRCUIT.

28 :DarkRoom699: 11/01 (3:15:59) ID: 6dgt37cf9
Circuit’s batshit insane, but no one can blast code like he can

29 :dishonoredmerc: 11/01 (3:17:22) ID: 0ert82hg4
Was waiting to see someone mention Circuit. Guy’s a legit criminal. Definitely the most notorious Netraver on this list and probably the most skilled, for better or worse. @StrangleOrder, strongly doubt Electric Empress could’ve dived enough to overload the GeoCore. I hear the final barrier on those things will literally fry your system. And if you Netdive with a neural interface, we’re talking instant brainburst.

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