The following is an abridged article from Cycle, a monthly periodical advertised as “the world’s leading motorcycle magazine.” [Article originally published three years ago.]

By Sianna Prowse

Ukaru, Tandus, and Hawkwind have long been considered the top motorcycle brands in the world, but is it time the “Big Three” make room for a new member in their ranks?

In business for nearly two decades, Sleipnir has earned itself a reputation as a reliable, if somewhat unspectacular, brand. Last year, the company’s line-up of motorcycles garnered moderate attention, but nothing to compete with Hawkwind’s highly acclaimed YR2 RoadBlaster. That changed three months ago at the annual Venma Cycle Exhibition, where Sleipnir unveiled the M8-77. The reveal was hailed as the highlight of the show by both media representatives and the public, generating a massing buzz on the Net (Sleipnir announced that all pre-orders were sold out within an hour).

Built for speed and precision handling, the M8-77 has the raw power to rival its competitors and enough bells and whistles to make even the most jaded motorcyclist take notice. Touted as “a decade in the making,” Sleipnir has equipped the M8-77 with a Riddium power core and dual Maximus Ion cells, allowing the motorcycle to reach a top speed of 490 km/h. And that’s only for starters–the M8-77 also features an auto-navigation system, advanced cruise control, computer controlled anti-lock brakes, omni-directional radar/camera systems, gyro-stabilization self-balancing monitor, slip mitigation system, cold gas thrusters, anti-reflective SmartCoating windshield, and LumaZone tri-laser headlights.

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.