To: RSaffron@NetWave.xop
From: HaleyComet@NetWave.xop
Subject: Re: Hiya!

Hi Reena,

Everyone’s glad to hear that you arrived in Pallad City safe and sound. Hopefully your second day is a little less crazy than the first! I’m guessing you’re probably at work right now, huh? Busting some bad guys, I hope 🙂

I’m definitely still planning on visiting you next week. Kerrica’s not sure if she can make it, though 🙁

And I’m totally down for Fantasy Funland. Wow, so excited to finally check out the greatest theme park ever. Just let me know what day works best for you—I should be free all next week (Old Metro University is closed from next Monday to Friday…yay!).

Be seeing you soon, Officer Saffron!

Best friends forever,

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