Interview excerpt with Dalton Trayer, owner of Fantasy Funland, taken from Park Planet magazine— the preeminent publication on the hottest theme parks around the world.

Park Planet: Your recent acquisition of the Hanu character was reported throughout various media outlets. It’s no secret that many companies were vying for those licensing rights. Now that Hanu is the official mascot of Fantasy Funland, do you still feel it was the right move for the park?

Dalton Trayer: Absolutely. No theme park can stay the same indefinitely—Fantasy Funland’s been in operation for two decades—Hanu was the right character, at the right time, to add something new for us.

PP: The exact amount it cost you to acquire the Hanu character hasn’t been released publicly, but it’s estimated to be a very high amount. Were you ever concerned that making Fantasy Funland a Hanu-centric park wouldn’t pay off?

DT: Everything’s a gamble. What’s the alternative? Stay the same and risk stagnation? I’m confident it was the right decision.

PP: Regarding that, it’s been rumored that recent attendance at the park has been down. Have you seen an upswing in park goers since the Hanu-themed makeover?

DT: Those rumors—and that’s all they are—were likely started by my competitors. As for Hanu, all the media attention has been great. It’s definitely a big draw.

PP: So ticket sales have been up then?

DT: Since Hanu? Yeah. Without a doubt.

PP: Really? There’s been rumors—

DT: Don’t buy into rumors. Let’s talk facts. We’re thriving. The park’s doing just fine.

PP: So, you’re not looking into possibly selling Fantasy Funland?

DT: Never. I would never sell Fantasy Funland. That’s out of the question. There’s nothing that would get me to sell this place. That’s entirely preposterous—I poured too much of my own sweat and blood here.

PP: Any speculation of financial issues surrounding Fantasy Funland and any impending closure—it’s all unfounded?

DT: Absolutely. I don’t know where you’re getting this information, but I’d check my sources if I were you. I’ve run this park for the last twenty years, and you can be sure I’ll be running it for twenty more—no matter what it takes.

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.