Excerpts from Crime Scene Investigation Report #7899-B
Incident Location: Volkan Island Research Facility
Investigation Team: PD-06

[Section 7.3]

Remains of a female believed to be in her mid-thirties was located in the D4 Corridor. Individual is suspected of being Dr. Beverly Hastings. Contrary to the reports of Officers Wynter and Saffron, the body shows no sign of genetic alteration or “mutation.” Further analysis will be required to positively identify and verify if these are indeed Hastings’ remains.

Update: The body was identified as Nessa Loeb, 34. The remains of Beverly Hastings have yet to be found.

[Section 7.8]

All surveillance logs were found to be corrupted and no recorded surveillance footage could be retrieved. System malfunction due to the explosion and resulting fire is suspected.

NetMail datalogs sent between the Volkan Island research facility and NexCoast’s corporate office in Pallad City reveal that the company had been on the verge of bankruptcy. All other NetMail records were untraceable due to Enterprise Class Net Barriers—this would indicate communications with megacorporate entities. Not an avenue of interest worth pursuing.

The recovered Volkan One central computer terminal has been sent to the Cyber Crimes Division. Early reports suggest that Volkan One had previously been left vulnerable by an unidentified malware attack three weeks prior. This may be a result of the “Zeeroh Worm” that was discovered around the same time.

[Section 8.5]

Clear signs of bioengineering were evident in the main research laboratory. Eleven mutated fishes were located, all expired. The fish exhibited signs of physical abnormalities, but nowhere near the degree of genetic manipulation that Officers Wynter and Saffron described in their reports. No recorded research data on the bioengineering experimentation survived.

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.