(Continued from Section 4A)

Vara Kylos, Pallad City Post

Reports of organ trafficking have been on the rise in recent years, predominantly catering to wealthy buyers abroad, as well as those on the ShadowNet. While efforts to dismantle these traffickers have been ongoing—and many lower level organ “brokers” have been arrested—there has been little progress in taking down the hierarchy who operate these underground meat markets from behind the scenes.

Endowed with the protection and near-impregnable security of the ShadowNet—which remains a lawless haven for unscrupulous netizens—these traffickers are able to operate with almost complete freedom. Meanwhile, law enforcement agencies across the country continue struggling to infiltrate the ShadowNet, despite employing netravers and vastly expanding their Cyber Crime Divisions.

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.