Officer Database // Medical Evaluation
Patient: Madison Wynter
Police Physician: Raye Belanie, MD

[Examination Forwarded to Chief Hardiman]
Why am I not surprised that Ms. Wynter has sustained another injury or, in this case, injuries…

Her legs, arms, and torso bear visible lash marks—however, none resulted in the breaking/cutting of skin. These superficial bruises are temporary and, with the application of BruzeMax—an extra strength cream I have prescribed—should heal completely within a few days. It’s obvious that the individual using the whip, as detailed in Wynter’s report, was not looking to cause lasting physical harm.

Wynter was also subjected to multiple electrical shocks, but none appear to have resulted in serious bodily injury.

I highly recommend having Wynter take the next few days off. That said, I know how unlikely that will be, considering this happened when she was already off-duty. In light of that, I’d advise you to put her on less-physically demanding duties and shorten her daily hours for the next several days.

A follow-up is scheduled in one week.

–Dr. Belanie

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Ryo Kawakami.