A prequel adventure!

Coming 2017

Cover 00

A prequel story to Danger Zone One, following Reena Saffron’s adventures before joining the Pallad City Police Department!

Reena has just graduated from high school and summer’s here. It’s a time for fun and sun at the beach before enrolling in the police academy’s “fast track” program next month.

But there’s trouble afoot in Old Metro! Reena might not be an officer yet, but someone needs to stop the thieving “Beach Bandit,” whose heinous misdeeds involve lifting the valuables (and bathing suits) of unsuspecting girls! And, on top of that, the lecherous creep’s been photographing these nubile ladies in compromising positions!

Can Reena catch the culprit, or will she blunder her first unofficial case and lose the pervert, along with her underwear?

Story by Midnight. Cover art by Akari Ajisai.