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Rock ‘n’ Roll Cyberpunk meets the Magical Girl genre! Marion is an ordinary high school student with big dreams–dreams of singing in a band like Neon Accelerator, the hottest all-girl rock act in the world. When Neon Accelerator finally comes to her city, Marion has the chance of a lifetime to see them, but soon discovers that there’s more to her idols than she could have ever imagined.

To the public, the girls of Neon Accelerator are perfect. They’re beautiful, talented, and their songs speak to the masses. But that’s only by day. At night, the girls shed the glam and glitter to wage a secret war against vicious creatures from another dimension. After Marion is caught in the thick of one of their battles, she learns that the girls of Neon Accelerator might not be so perfect after all–heck, they might not even be human!

It’s a rock ‘n’ roll future and the world’s a battleground. Equipped with heavy artillery, high-tech battle suits, and armored angel wings, these girls will have to use their heavenly bodies and raise some hell if they ever hope to save humanity.