Happy first of April! We have a big announcement to make—the Danger Zone One video game is coming out soon, exclusively for the Atari 2600 Video Computer System. Here’s a look at the cartridge cover…

Featuring the latest in cutting-edge graphics, Danger Zone One has four exciting levels to get your pulse pounding!

Race throughout Pallad City in Madison’s customized Hyper Intecerptor and bring speedy justice to fleeing criminals!

Pursue fugitives above Pallad City in tense chases atop the city skyline!

Head below Pallad City to navigate the old subway system and solve the mystery behind recent underground disappearances!

Need a break? Take Reena and Madison to the police department’s shooting range, where multiple targets await your eagle-eyed precision and marksmanship skills!

No other game comes close to the excitement of Danger Zone One! Arriving in select retail stores Summer 2017 1982.