Episode 2: “A Crooked Case?! Protect the Criminal!”

Lance Traft, a master thief, claims to have evidence that could put a notorious crime boss behind bars. Now Reena and Madison must protect Traft, or he might not survive long enough to aid Pallad City’s Finest! But can a thief like Traft even be trusted?

Writer: Midnight
Editor: Samantha Flowers
Artwork: CarlesS

Madison Wynter: Samantha Flowers – https://twitter.com/SingingSamine
Reena Saffron: Audrey Beralo – https://twitter.com/kohakuhearts
Lance Traft: Valentine Stokes – https://twitter.com/ViewtifulVal
Lynn Dradio: Sarita Belle – https://twitter.com/Sarielle13
Chief Hardiman: Knerrvana https://twitter.com/knerrvana
Sera White: Azuruedge https://twitter.com/azuruedge
Sergio: Tylergotch
Extra Man: Daniel NP – https://twitter.com/DanCodePhoenix

Giovanni di Capua
“Hitman” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)