I’ve received a handful of emails, comments, and messages from readers who were upset and/or disappointed about the recent announcement of the NSFW Patreon-Only pages—and I wanted to address those all at once.

Pages 79, 80, 81, and 82 of Chapter 19 will only be available to NSFW-tier Patreon supporters. However, no major plot revelations will be revealed during these pages. After these pages we will return to our free-to-read format and the story will pick up at the next scene, seamlessly, even for readers who missed the NSFW pages.

Originally, this current scene was going to end on Page 78, but I extended it. Sequentially, missing the NSFW pages will not affect the main story—I want to make that clear. Normally, I would have posted these NSFW pages as an “extended scene” exclusively on Patreon, but since the color pages take longer to produce, there wasn’t time to do that and keep up with the regular DZO pages on the site. This is why I decided to post these pages here (or else there would be no website updates for the next week and a half). 

As stated before, this is not something I’m currently planning to do again on the Danger Zone One website. I’m also aware there are readers who are either not interested in the NSFW pages, may not be able to afford Patreon, or do not wish to support the comic. 

I do understand why readers have expressed disappointment, frustration, and, in some cases, outright anger about this. I’m sure that I’ll also receive the inevitable “I’m done with this comic” comment(s) over these pages.

However, if a one-time event of several exclusive Patreon-only pages is enough to turn a reader away from DZO forever, as utterly ridiculous as that may sound, then so be it. It will be unfortunate to lose any readers who feel that way, but if missing a week and a half of content is more important than the last 6 years of free content, then what can I say? C’est la vie?

There are currently over 500 pages of Danger Zone One that can be read for free on this website. The comic has been ongoing since June of 2016 and has never missed an update. Between DZO, The White Wraith, GunRiot, and Sailor Justice, there are 20 new free-to-read comic pages each month. The last 18 pages of Danger Zone One have been in color—those pages were originally going to be black and white on the DZO site and color for Patreon supporters only, but I decided to post the color ones for everyone.

I know most readers already know this, but though these comics are generally free-to-read, they are not free to make. The artists who work on Danger Zone One, The White Wraith, GunRiot, and Sailor Justice need to be paid. It costs money to host the comic. It takes a lot of time, more than most think, to do everything behind-the-scenes to create these comics—including both writing the comic and all the lore entries at the bottom of each page. It is only thanks to our Patreon supporters that these comics are able to keep going. Without their support, it would be impossible to continue producing any of these webcomics.

One of the main reasons for these NSFW pages was to also give a special bonus to our NSFW-tier Patrons for all of their support.