VX-II Power Suit (Specifications)

Type: Power Suit (offensive terrain combat / advanced bipedal unit)

Designer: Horizon Global Solutions

Production: Prototype phase (model II)

Unit cost: 87 million (projected)

Weight: 3,234kg (fully-loaded with operator)

Height, Width: CLASSIFIED (final specs TBD during model III development)

Crew: 1 operator

Armor: Taktus-7 explosive reactive armor

Main armament: Gatling-type cannon (cyclic multi-barreled design)

Ammunition: 20mm (4,000 rounds with back-mounted support magazine / 8,000 with optional “full blitz” magazine)

Fire rate: 1,600 rounds per minute

Secondary armament: CLASSIFIED

Operational range speed: CLASSIFIED

Additional specifications: CLASSIFIED

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Katsu.