To: VHardiman@PCPD.xop
From: WSpears@PCPD.xop
Subject: Madison Wynter, Special Crimes Unit

Chief Hardiman:

I am contacting you in reference to officer Madison Wynter of the Special Crimes Unit. I have reviewed her previous quarterly performance evaluation and, like prior assessments, Ms. Wynter’s approach to her duties as a law enforcement officer is a recurrent cause for concern.

We have discussed this matter on multiple occasions but have been met with noticeable resistance by your Department at every turn. It is crucial that we finally determine how to move forward regarding Ms. Wynter. I understand that you are short staffed and I am aware that, despite Ms. Wynter’s less-than-favorable methods, she holds the highest record of successfully closed cases in your Department. Regardless, it does not deny that Ms. Wynter is the embodiment of the term ‘loose cannon’ and her rogue tactics are something the Department can not condone. In short, as acting Chief of Police, it is your responsibility to rein her in. You are to prohibit any future behavior from Ms. Wynter that may include flagrant policy violations, disregard for established rules and regulations, and her habitual demonstration of “cowboy cop” antics.

Aside from running out of officers to partner Ms. Wynter up with, her notoriety has made it difficult to find anyone willing to work with her, unless they are forcibly assigned. Her reckless behavior has contributed to both public and private property damage (including property owned by the PCPD), has nearly had the Department sued on multiple occasions, and has been the source of more written complaints than I have ever seen attributed to one officer.

Action needs to be taken, effective immediately.

Walden Spears
Internal Affairs / Head of Human Resources Branch
Police Supervisory File

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