Arie Skye, Pallad City Post

Over the last fifty years, Syren Industries has made the climb from tech startup to full-fledged megacorporation. Founded by Rhea Syren, the company originally specialized in technology for the then-booming private security sector, focusing on AI-driven surveillance products and cutting-edge global tracking systems. The TOTO (tactical oppressive terrain operative), a robotic canine, was the company’s first venture into mech-based AI, and proved to be the launching pad that has since made Syren a formidable competitor in the tech industry.

After the death of Rhea Syren a decade ago, her daughter Anelia took over the company, immediately shifting the company’s core focus from private security contractors to a wider global network of law enforcement and military agencies. With a marketing strategy consisting of independent contracts that would keep certain tech exclusive to select buyers, Syren Industries’ yearly profits skyrocketed. The corporation now has a global presence, producing items that run the gamut from augmented body armor, remotely-operated military vehicles, to revolutionary breakthroughs in combat-ready AI.

Many have speculated where Syren Industries is headed in the next decade but, with Anelia Syren at the helm, their continued success appears guaranteed.

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Pete Ranosa.