[Encrypted NetMail – Dated 3 Months Ago]
To: ASyren@SI.xop
From: NGretz@SI.xop
Subject: Re: Issues regarding the Aros…

Ms. Syren:

We’ve done about all we can on the Aros’ auto-repair module within the shortened production time we have; I believe its current function is more than satisfactory and has exceeded all test results. Yet, I would like to once again address the AI issue we’ve run into. I’m concerned about the tank’s inefficiencies in select ground combat simulations. The AI has no issue engaging multiple targets, especially in air, or other ground-based vehicles—but it’s having an extremely difficult time locking onto individual human targets during battlefield mockups. There’s no question that the Aros can annihilate a battalion of tanks, or a squadron of jet fighters, but a lone soldier with a rocket launcher could potentially run circles around the tank due to this glaring AI issue… I know you’re in a hurry to make the prototype “ready” for the market—but I strongly suggest giving us another four to six months to work these problems out.

Dr. Gretz

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Sikretwepon.