The following excerpt was taking from the fall edition of Superior Arms, a monthly publication featuring news, reviews, and specifications on the latest firearms, military-grade tech, and cutting-edge gear available on the market.

Reviewing the Vekton III
By Aven Rode

Unless you’re military, private security or, in some cases, law enforcement, you’ll likely never get your hands on a heavy laser rifle. Most models are notorious for being unwieldy and require cumbersome battery packs, making them practically inadequate for combat use—but not the Vekton III. Aside from its comparatively small size, the rifle is also lightweight and has a built-in battery generator. The laser output rivals the best on the market and can link with tactical AR goggles for pinpoint accuracy. Of course, some of these advanced features come with a price (and we’re not talking the exorbitant price tag), the main downside being that the Vekton III is only able to fire one shot put charge. It takes a whopping ten minutes between each full charge which, for most, is an instant deal breaker. With that in mind, the Vekton III is still an impressive piece of weaponry, and quite possibly the best HLR manufactured to date.

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Sikretwepon.