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75 :StrongHold: 10/21 (16:32:12) ID: 5dd37vb1
Last week’s Death Ring was pure fire. I want more 5 on 1 matches in the future.

76 :freaksydust: 10/21 (16:34:32) ID 9sr21js3
Missed it. That Galvagrad guy was fighting this time? Didn’t he fight in Nu Metropol months back?

77 :Moonlight19: 10/21 (16:35:21) ID 8ei92ma8
Yeah, Yakov’s the best fighter currently on the underground circuit. Sucks they had to shut down the Nu Metropol fights after they got too “public.” I heard they’ll start again once the heat dies down. Until then, the Pallad City fights are worth it now that some decent brawlers are here.

78 :StrongHold: 10/21 (16:37:45) ID 5dd37vb1
@freaksydust, you missed out something fierce, man. Dude almost murdered the Silica Slashers in round 1. You could hear the bones breaking all the way in the last row. It was so damn brutal. Guess that’s what happens when you’re pumped on Afterlife.

79 :freaksydust: 10/21 (16:39:56) ID 9sr21js3
They’re letting fighters use A? Thought that stuff was off limits. Now I’m really pissed I missed that.

80 :Nspyr: 10/21 (16:42:11) ID 4xm01tu2
Death Ring’s shit. NOTHING beats the PRIMA ARENA matches. The girls are hottt and Apega could WREK this Galvagrad spazz.

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