EO-40 BackScatter Specs (From Manufacturer Catalog)

Utilizing Optekk Industries’ patented X-ray imaging technology, the EO-40 allows the wearer to perform full-body scans of subjects with ease. While earlier models were designed for airlines, the EO-40 BackScatter Specs have been specifically tailored to the needs of law enforcement agencies. A portable option for scanning human targets—designed to detect concealed weapons, explosives, narcotics, and contraband—the EO-40 can also supply enhanced-imaging through most walls and surfaces.

The EO-40 has been optimized with tactical overlays, providing readouts of a subject’s heart rate and, if identified, instant weapon analysis. Uplink with facial recognition technology, BID chip support, and criminal databases is optional.

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Tanabata Usagi.