Death Widow, Inc
Communications Sector
Audio File 2948-KZ

[Note: The following is an intercepted transmission from the Voodoo Arms private military company. The original audio file has been transcribed.]

VOICE #1: What the hell happened? That was an airstrike! Who hit us?

VOICE #2: Don’t know, I’ve lost contact with all units. Communication with Zombi Squad’s gone…

VOICE #1: Did those Karzostani bastards order an airstrike on their own soil? Are they insane? They’ve nearly leveled the entire city!

VOICE #2: Probably paid a PMC to do it for them. We need to rendezvous with Bokor Squad and head to Yahrem. There should be another unit waiting for—

VOICE #1: Shit—they’re launching another strike! Head for cover! Head for—

[End of transmission.]

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.