Death Widow, Inc
Communications Sector
Audio File 3013-KZ

[Note: The following is a speech from Karzostani President Naja Sah’deen, originally broadcast via Karzostan’s public broadcasting system. The original audio file has been transcribed.]

“Proud people of Karzostan, today we have struck back against the ravenous beasts who invade our land. Zardika may seek to occupy our soil and steal our resources—but they underestimate the will of the Karzostani people. We would sooner set aflame our own cities than allow even one Zard to set foot in this country! There will be no talk of surrender. There will be no compromise. Zard troops, and the foreign dogs of war they bring with them, must vacate Karzostan at once, or face swift and furious retribution. Zardika sought to overtake great Rahjeen, but we have rained fire upon their heads! Fear not, we can rebuild our city, stronger than before! But on my honor—the honor of Naja Sah’deen—I swear that if the Zard’s prolong this conflict, there will be nothing in Zardika left but ash and ruin! They are not the only ones who can employ others to wage war. We too possess resources to hire the most formidable military might they have ever seen. They have now tasted what our allies are capable of. This is only the beginning.”

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.