[Dated one year ago]
Request For Additional Budget Funds

Mayor Neville,

As you may be aware, the Pallad City Police Department had previously employed an Operational Police Physician (OPP) who served as an in-house doctor, attending to the health, well-being, and medical concerns of our officers.

Unfortunately, our previous physician quit three weeks ago, leaving the position vacant. Dr. Raye Belanie, a reputable doctor in Old Metro, has expressed interest in joining the Department as our new OPP. However, I’ve discovered that the recent budget restructuring does not leave any funds for the position.

Is there anything that can be done on your end to allocate emergency resources for this? It is my firm belief that an OPP is vital for the continued welfare of our officers. Further, I believe Dr. Belanie will be an extremely valuable member of our Department. Dr. Belanie graduated top of her class at the Thaxton School of Medicine and has received high recommendations from the Chief Physician at Old Metro Medical. Though young, Dr. Belanie has already proven herself a competent physician and, in my opinion, would make a fine OPP for the Department.

I had previously sent this request to the Operations Support Division—and to other appropriate parties—but unresolved issues prevented any timely response. Due to the urgency of this matter, I felt it necessary to contact you directly. I look forward to your reply.

Victor Hardiman
Chief of Police, Pallad City Police Department

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