[Encrypted NetMail – Dated 1 Day Ago]
To: VHardiman@PCPD.xop
From: MBurton@PCgov.xop
Subject: Scheduled Meeting

Chief Hardiman:

I’m contacting you on behalf of Mayor Neville, who has requested an urgent meeting tomorrow morning. He would like the two officers who assisted him on Halloween—Reena Saffron and Madison Wynter—to be in attendance.

This is in regards to the Sumter Academy situation that the Mayor had previously discussed with you.

Mayor Neville has also expressed serious concern about the lack of updates relating to the November 9th incident, involving a damaged police transport and two escaped prisoners. With six days having passed, and neither prisoner returned to custody, the Mayor is understandably anxious. Both prisoners were involved in high profile crimes—one of which committed against the Mayor himself. As such, this recent situation has drawn significant attention in the media and the public eye. The Mayor is growing increasingly tired of being under police protection while these criminals, particularly Symon Ghast (alias “Mr. Jack”), are allowed to roam free.

Mindi Burton
Executive Secretary


To: MBurton@PCgov.xop
From: VHardiman@PCPD.xop
Subject: Re: Scheduled Meeting

Ms. Burton:

I was under the impression that the Sumter Academy issue had already been resolved; the Department thoroughly investigated the incidents, along with looking into Mayor Neville’s additional concerns. Regardless, the Department is entirely at the Mayor’s disposal—please let me know what time he wishes to meet.

As for the two escaped prisoners, believe me when I say that the Department is doing everything within our power to find them and the missing officer who they abducted from the police transport.

Victor Hardiman
Chief of Police

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.