Pallad City Police Department // Central Database
File: Cherie Algrave
Division: Cyber Crime

A skilled netraver, Cherie Algrave honed her talents by raving megacorporation mainframes and uncovering the criminal activities of corrupt politicians and corporate executives. This bolstered her “Net-cred” among fellow netravers and earned her the handle “Hot” Cherie.

Algrave was formerly a member of the hacktivist group, Noblesse Oblige—a collective of expert netravers that seek to “right” the injustices of the world via the Net. Growing disenchanted with Noblesse Oblige’s increasingly radical approach and questionable ethics, Algrave sought employment with the PCPD.

Algrave is one of the most capable netravers in Pallad City and has proven herself to be an invaluable asset to the Cyber Crime Division. She also has experience in crime scene investigation and tech analysis.

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.