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For Immediate Release

LX-800 AutoLimo

The LX-800 AutoLimo is the latest in Lyger’s line of automated, self-driving vehicles. Designed for luxury and comfort, the LX-800 features fully-autonomous capabilities, requiring no human driver.

Studies show a decline in individual car ownership over the last decade, particularly among the nation’s highest income earners. With the rising interest of driverless vehicles and an increased desire for luxury options, the LX-800 provides the ideal solution.

Utilizing Lyger’s transportation-as-service operation, the LX-800 limousine is always at your beck and call. Our Autonomous Luxury Transportation Service (ALTS) eliminates the need for automobile ownership, costly vehicle maintenance, and/or hiring a chauffeur. ALTS allows for unprecedented mobility solutions using Lyger’s satellite network, real-time navigation tools, and backed by our exclusive NetLink/MapStar Connectivity, the LX-800 will always find the ideal route to any destination. Lyger’s advanced anti-collision sensors guarantee absolute road safety, while our patented A.I. systems, built into each vehicle, ensures a pleasant, carefree ride every time.

With our fleet of LX-800 and upcoming LX-801 models, our services can be scheduled for your every convenience, regardless of time or day. Quarterly and yearly membership plans are now available.

The LX-800 features a DeltaQuad Minibar (stocked to our client’s preferences), high-end entertainment systems, Lux-Lit mood lighting, SoothSonic ultra-sensory speakers, and our patented BodyPlus leather seats with synchro-touch heated/massage functionality.

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.