Reena’s Journal
October 31st

Just woke up, but I wanted to get in a quick journal entry before heading off to work. Yesterday was incredible, thrilling, and kind of scary. It was my first day as an officer with the Pallad City Police Department and I met Chief Hardiman, along with my partner, Madison Wynter. She seems like an amazing officer and definitely knows what she’s doing, way more than I do. She’s really cool and extremely confident—I wish I could be more like her. Though, Madison isn’t the friendliest person around and some of the other officers call her the “Ice Queen of the PCPD.” I don’t think she likes too many people (she doesn’t seem to like me, that’s for sure!).

My first day on the force was crazy! We had to investigate a disturbance at Horizon Global Solutions, a huge megacorporation here in Pallad City. A disgruntled employee stole one of their prototype power suits and went on a rampage. Madison got trapped under a bunch of rubble (but, fortunately, wasn’t hurt). I went after the power suit alone—which was pretty dumb, but I guess I wasn’t thinking clearly at the time. Anyway, after catching up with the suit I tried shooting it but that didn’t do much. My gun had terrible recoil too (the PCPD armorer said that he’ll try to get me a smaller model by next week). Anyway, an overhead water pipe burst and I used my stun gun to electrify the water, which deactivated the suit! I still can’t believe it worked… I heard later that the suit’s engineers hadn’t bothered to include internal shock-resistant insulation for the prototype.

Madison seemed impressed (sort of), though she asked how I knew the pipe contained salt water. I was confused and told her that I didn’t know (at the time I thought it was a weird question). She kind of rolled her eyes and said that the trick with the stun gun wouldn’t have worked if that ruptured pipe spilled out anything other than salt water. I guess you can’t carry much of an electrical current in fresh water (who knew?). Whew, after finding that out I realized I was even luckier than I imagined—I had no idea!

Today will be my second day on the job and I’m so excited! Plus, it’s Halloween—I love Halloween! Whoa, just looked at the clock—I better get moving or I’m going to be late. I wonder what’ll happen today. More later…


Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Katsu.

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