Aston Sekto, Pallad City Post
(Pulled from Pallad City Post archive: October 1st, last year)

Mayor Hynden Neville is locked in a heated race for re-election, but a shortage of campaign funds may be his greatest opponent. After the citywide NetMail hack last week, leaked electronic documents point to Neville facing a lack of campaign contributions. Other leaks expose possible financial upsets within Mayor Neville’s own company, Skyline Industries, an aircraft manufacturer located in Pallad City. Six months ago, Skyline’s latest model, the AC-44, failed to meet commercial expectations, as outlined in their last quarterly earnings report.

On the mayoral front, Neville faces strong opposition from Jarid Kelvo, owner of the automotive giant, RevCorp, who has thrown his own hat into the political arena. Kelvo, a lifelong resident of Pallad City, has been vocal about fighting the political corruption he claims is taking place under Mayor Neville’s watch. Only three months after announcing his plans to run for mayor, Kelvo received more campaign donations than any other candidate in the last decade. Kelvo has also amassed considerable support from those who are calling for a “fresh perspective,” according to early polls and a recent Neutral Net survey.

Despite his sudden political popularity, Kelvo has had no shortage of business-related setbacks in Pallad City. His company, RevCorp, failed to secure the contract to provide the Pallad City Police Department with their new vehicles. Instead the city went with Lyger Automotives to manufacture the latest Hyper Interceptor model cruisers, with department officials citing that the cost of RevCorp’s vehicles were “unaffordable.” Kelvo was also unable to acquire the contract to replace Silica City’s aging police cruisers, with the city opting for Talon Industries’ latest model, the Motor-Ion Ultra Interceptor.

Kelvo’s ardent efforts to secure the police cruiser contracts have been used against him in Mayor Neville’s latest round of political ads, accusing Kelvo of running for mayor just to obtain the lucrative Pallad City Police contract after the Lyger Automotives deal expires next year.

Mayor Neville has seen his own share of opposition, with some voters claiming that his approach to major issues have been lax, while overlooking certain city regulations in favor of megacorp interests. But Neville most vocal supporters are adamant that he will prevail in the mayoral race, citing his “Renew” initiative—to give Pallad City a safer image—as striking a cord with voters. With just over a month to go before the election, and with both candidates showing no signs of slowing down, despite Neville’s fundraising troubles, this could be one of the closest races in Pallad City’s history.

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Katsu.

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