Daryl Vere, Pallad City Post
[Archived Article: Published 3 Years Ago]

Ever since Pallad City Post started the annual school safety ranking three decades ago, Sumter Private Academy has consecutively earned the title of “Safest School in Pallad City” and this year is no exception. An all-girls boarding school serving grades 10-12, Sumter Private Academy is located in the Vadian District, near the outskirts of the city and only minutes away from Silica. A prestigious school with an extraordinary reputation, gaining admission into Sumter is no easy feat due to the Academy’s selective acceptance policies and steep tuition costs.

Pace Point School for Accelerated Learning ranks second on our list. A private school, Pace Point is situated in another similarly remote area of Pallad City, off the abandoned Deevox Highway. Much like Sumter, Pace Point is a smaller institution with a reputable history, but serves as an all-boys boarding school for grades 6-8.

In third place is the Hinelan School, a first timer on our list. A private academy serving grades 9-12, Hinelan differs from most of the other schools in our ranking, as it’s nestled directly in the heart of Pallad City—in the bustling Nexus District. The Hinelan School has cited safety measures as a top priority, spending millions on a sophisticated, one-of-a-kind security system. An advanced biometric authorization program continuously monitors both the interior and exterior of the building, scanning every thirty seconds for anyone who’s unrecognized within its student/faculty database. Should someone unknown be detected, they will quickly be met by campus security (all former private military contractors), who patrol the grounds accompanied by armed A.I. drones. In the event an unauthorized individual does manage to enter the building, all teachers wear panic buttons that can instantly initiate a lockdown. Panels hidden in the ceiling of each classroom can deploy non-lethal smoke cannons and/or incapacitating tasers. Every classroom is also reinforced with ballistic-hardened glass and each student’s desk can launch a bulletproof “safety bubble” to provide a last-line of protection should all else fail.

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.