Person of Interest File #9218-HT
Name: Graves, Wilkos
Age: 44
Gender: Male

Supplemental Notes:
Mr. Graves was brought in for questioning on three separate cases—drug trafficking [Case File #3412-D1], human trafficking [Case File #2390-H5], and illegal adult V-Sim distribution [Case File #4519-E2].

No charges were pursued and Mr. Graves was cleared of any involvement. Though his name was not mentioned by any of the arrested offenders, his business—The Black Hole bar—was a location of interest during each investigation.

Mr. Graves has no previous criminal history and has cooperated with officers each time he was questioned. However, due to his business being a potential ‘hot site’ during multiple investigations, it is recommended that a ‘Person of Interest’ file remain open for Mr. Graves.

—Submitted by Officer Celia Denson

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.