[Archived Broadcast – 5 Months Ago]
Real Talk with Nina Kline – NetRadio Program

NINA KLINE: If you’re just tuning in, we’re talking with Evie Brayer, author of Sinister Urges: Drugs, Crime, and Justice. Evie, one of the drugs your book covers in great detail is Euphoria, but what really shook me is how it’s being used in an increasing number of date rapes. You write about several cases where Euphoria was mixed into drinks at bars and parties.

EVIE BRAYER: Yes, unfortunately it’s becoming so prevalent that there’s now even a street name for any drink laced with pleasure drugs—The Sneaky Screw. It’s usually a combination of hard liquor, some form of sedative—in most cases Xelohypnol, which is also illegal—and the pleasure drug.

KLINE: Is Euphoria’s always the drug of choice for this?

BRAYER: Not always. Sometimes the drink will be mixed with Aphrosia instead. Aphrosia’s another pleasure drug and, though extremely potent, it’s much weaker than Euphoria. It’s also cheaper, so we see it being used more on campuses.

KLINE: Let’s say someone’s at a party and they drink this, how long until they begin to feel it?

BRAYER: These drugs work extremely fast, but it really depends on how much is added to the drink. If a full dose of Xelohypnol is used, the victim could lose consciousness within minutes after ingesting it. I’ve read a case where a victim passed out within thirty seconds. Of course, the amount administered also determines how long a victim will remains unconscious. It could be for fifteen minutes, or a few hours, depending on what they’re given. And, as with all drugs, some people will react to these substances differently.

KLINE: If the sedative already makes the victim unable to resist, why the pleasure drug too?

BRAYER: Xelohypnol has sedative-hypnotic effects, which can make victims extremely vulnerable to some degree of outside influence. Then, when combined with a pleasure drug, like Euphoria, the results are amplified. Euphoria makes the user’s body crave sexual release, even if they’re unwilling. And, after a victim regains consciousness from the sedative, it’s likely they’ll still be under the effects of Euphoria for a while, since the drug is that potent.

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