Construction memo to all on-site personnel:

Please make sure that all equipment is powered down prior to leaving the construction site for the day. I know the new “smart” tech on these machines have an auto sleep mode, making it easy to forget to actually shut down the units. (We’re also looking into having the silent functions disabled so we can avoid this in the future but, due to insurance policy, a technician from the manufacturer needs to come on-site to handle that.) The last thing we need is for someone to enter one of these vehicles in the early morning hours, before personnel arrive, and activate a crane accidentally—or purposely—thereby causing either property damage or serious injury to a passerby. We don’t want a major lawsuit on our hands. I know for a fact that machinery was left on twice last week after everyone went home for the day, we can not have that happen again.

In short, please double check that the equipment is properly shut down and not just on sleep mode!

Richter Tervin
Engineering Inspector

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Zen Jirakun.