ArmaCore Industries
Reach for peace, arm for war

Attn: Board Members

First off, I’m delighted to inform everyone that we’re in our final stages of testing and refining the fully-functional H.E.G. (High-Energy Glove) unit. Armacore has made great strides in portable directed-energy technology, with the H.E.G. being the forerunner.

I’m aware that a select few board members are in opposition of the H.E.G., referring to it as an “unnecessary” venture. To this, I must stress that the world is evolving and, yet, the battlefield stays the same. Soldiers must still depend on unreliable firearms with obsolete B.I.D. chip technology. Military-grade power suits promise an edge in combat but have, thus far, suffered from a wealth of production issues and uninspired field tests. At best, combat androids have proven to be mildly efficient in real-time battlefield scenarios while, at worst, their limited artificial intelligence has caused a spike in friendly-fire incidents upon human soldiers. As for manned-drones, their known shortcomings make them useless outside of a specific scope of applications. This is where the H.E.G. will revolutionize war as we know it. Imagine a battlefield without the limitations of a soldier and handheld firearms. Wearing the H.E.G., there will be no separation or disparity between soldier and weapon—a soldier will become the weapon. The H.E.G. employs miniaturized particle beam technology that, worn like a glove, can emit an energy discharge capable of vaporizing solid steel. The glove is powered by an attachment worn around the chest, which also acts as tactical body armor.

I also want to address a few other concerns that have been brought to my attention from members of the board. I wish to dispel any and all rumors that we’re off our original timetable. The H.E.G. is on schedule to be shown to potential buyers, including government and private military corporations, next month. Second, there have been unfounded allegations that ArmaCore Industries recently suffered a major database hack from an unknown source, and that several vital documents were leaked. This is untrue, and likely a rumor started by one of our competitors. There is no truth to it.

We are approaching a bold new chapter in ArmaCore’s history. The words of my father, who founded this company thirty years ago, are now more relevant than ever: “The arm that reaches for peace should also be armed for war.” With the number of private military corporations at an all-time high, I’m certain that sales numbers for the H.E.G. will be triple our initial estimates.

Avan Lencott
CEO, ArmaCore Industries
[For Top Level Executive Eyes Only: The database hack from three months ago is worse than we initially expected. We believe that enough information was leaked regarding the H.E.G., that a semi-functional prototype could be constructed. We are trying everything in our power to trace where the hack originated from. It goes without saying that the details of this situation must remain in the strictest confidence, even from select members of the board.]

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Zen Jirakun.