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Topic: Volkan Island

126 :Netreaper-Nine: 7/21 (16:04:15) ID: 5ke99sn0
Don’t care what their cover story is, I guarantee there’s some seriously twisted sh!t happening behind closed doors on Volkan Island. Marine biology, my @ss! Open the place up if you got nothing to hide!!

127 :MechHedZZ: 7/21 (16:05:19) ID: 2iJ78sy8
Any 1 evur think about taking a trip to this island? Find out whats really going on. Its not like the media will report the factz about anything. All news outlets are run by megcorp trash.

128 :BlitzAngel: 7/21 (16:07:44) ID: 8utF4bv1
^You *seriously* want someone to go to the island? Don’t be stupid. They probably have armed drones flying around the place, or maybe their own PMC. These people own a freaking island, they have money. It’s supposedly private land btw. In other words, they could probably kill you and get away with it. Still want to go?

129 :XSilicaKingX: 7/21 (16:09:12) ID: Un5Dnb0
My friend’s brother snuck onto the island once, about a year ago. He tried to get inside the research base, but no luck. He took pics of the building but they came out distorted. The sneaky bastards are using image scramblers or something.

130 :BlitzAngel: 7/21 (16:10:43) ID: 8utF4bv1
Oh, the old blurry photo story. Sure…haven’t heard that one before. Another tall tale from XSilicaKingX. Why do you even post here? No one believes a word you ever say.

131 :SocietySuxx05: 7/21 (16:11:55) ID: 2uytBxz2
They’re likely testing chemical weapons, creating scalar weapon tech, or running some psychic black-ops program (look up Operation Yaksha!) on Volkan Island. It’s obvious Nex Coast is a front for a more sinister agenda, and they’re def government or megacorp owned.

132 :Chrome-O-Zone: 7/21 (16:14:29) ID: 89uyxCCe
You conspiracy nuts really need to get a life. Sure, I agree with some stuff on this board, but c’mon guys…maybe, for *once* it actually, genuinely is just a facility for the study of marine biology. *GASP!* I know, not a popular opinion here but, hey, not everything’s a conspiracy.

133 :Netreaper-Nine: 7/21 (16:15:59) ID: 5ke99sn0
Lookie, lookie…check out the bot post above! Probably sent direct from Nex Coast. Get bent @sshole we know who you are and we know you watch this board!

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