Dr. Hastings’ Personal Notes
Private Journal Entry 191-E

Experiment 1

Subject 37 may have been a success but, without a way to be a part of this world I’m creating, my efforts will all have been for nothing. I’ve developed BR-11, which I believe can alter the human genetic structure. The goal is to modify one’s biological composition into a life form more compatible with Subject 37 and the hybrids. For now I’m restricting myself to further DNA analysis before using a live test subject. Sadly, today’s experiment has not been encouraging. BR-11 is actively destroying the human cells instead of merging with them.

Experiment 5

After injecting Linnaeus—chimpanzee subject four—with a dose of BR-11 the results were…not what I had expected. The deformities manifested within minutes and the animal went raving mad. Sadly, that was the last chimpanzee we had on the island. No one else in this facility knows about the BR-11 experiments I’ve been conducting, and I intend to keep it that way. I managed to incapacitate Linnaeus with Othal-Binate gas and will personally see that his remains are incinerated. I’ll make it look like he escaped his cage. I can already see the troglodytes I work with make “a game” of trying to find him, as if they were mindless children. Maybe they will all find their way into the incinerator as well. But I’m not that fortunate…

Experiment 12

I resorted to using Dr. Heisen’s cat as a subject. I injected the feline with a moderate dosage of BR-11, only to have the animal practically decompose on the lab table. This is a new batch of BR-11, it should have worked! I’m running out of test subjects. The true dilemma is using animals—I need to try it on a human. It’s the only way. How will I ever know if I can manipulate my own genetic makeup if I can’t test it? It’s too risky at the moment.

Experiment 19

I had invited Dr. Jovak to a private lunch in my office earlier today. The blithering idiot was all too eager to accept my offer. What he didn’t know was that I had installed a remote autoinjector on the chair he sat on. With the BR-11 directly inserted into his bloodstream, I finally had my human test subject. Much like Heisen’s cat, Jovak was reduced to—for lack of better terms—a puddle of gelatinous human matter. Complete genetic devolution. I believe this experiment has showed me my potential error: I suspect the NRT strain I’m using in BR-11 is the cause.

Fortunately, with Jovak reduced to a clump of human refuse, he can be easily disposed of. There won’t be much time for the others to wonder what happened to him. As planned, I will soon be releasing Subject 37 from confinement, allowing me to be free of this island.

I’ll have more time to work on BR-11 once I arrive at Asrai Base. Tonight I’ll produce a new batch, enough for another injection. If the NRT strain is at fault, the new dose should work. Regardless, I can wait. It’s not like I’ll be testing it on myself…

Perhaps conversion should be done via small doses, along with systematic genetic implantations? The strain of forced genetic conversion is not to be underestimated.

–Beverly Hastings

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.