Dr. Hastings’ Personal Notes
Entry 128-202

Subject 37 is an incredible specimen, far exceeding the narrow-minded ambitions that Dr. Kalei or Nex Coast could have ever dreamed of. Through all of my vigorous testing, I still can find no discernible vulnerabilities in Subject 37. It’s unlikely that any other creature would be able to cause bodily harm to him. Along with his armor-thick skin, he possesses impressive strength, enhanced intelligence, and—despite his size—remarkable speed.

Today, Dr. Lenkin tried to argue that Subject 37’s eyes were an “obvious” vulnerability. It was a sign of the man’s overwhelmingly limited intellect. Would I have created such a magnificent creature and allowed something as trivial as its eyesight to be a weakness? Even a simpleton like Lenkin must be aware of a shark’s electroreception abilities, a ‘sixth sense’ that enables them to precisely hunt underwater—one of the many reasons they’re such efficient predators! I have genetically enhanced Subject 37’s sensory perception many times beyond what a typical Carcharodon carcharias possesses, allowing my creation to track its prey both in water and on land, even without eyesight. Blinding Subject 37 would do little more than agitate him.

There’s no need to debate Lenkin on the matter. I’m sure he will soon see for himself how capable my creation is.

–Dr. Beverly Hastings

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.

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