Communication Log
Date: 11/2
[Recorded Ten Minutes Ago]

TARA: How goes the hunt?

KIJO: Not great. Thought I had a lead, but it didn’t pan out.

TARA: Oh? Do tell.

KIJO: This facility’s wired with an intricate surveillance system, there are security cameras everywhere.

TARA: Hm, if they’re still operational, they’ll emit an electrical signal that you can—

KIJO: Trace? I did, right to their source. But our target isn’t in the control room. Guess the doctor stepped out…

TARA: Ugh, this lousy signal interference! This would be so much easier if I could just hack into their system and—

KIJO: Hold on—I see somebody on one of the live monitor feeds.

TARA: Is it that cop again?

KIJO: No, I think it might be the other officer you mentioned earlier, and it looks like she’s running down a hallway. Something’s after her…

TARA: Something? Like what…?

KIJO: Can’t tell from here. Let’s see…she’s in the N8 corridor.

TARA: This wasn’t in the job description—we’re charging extra if you have to take down two of those creatures!

KIJO: Makes no difference to me. Time to wrap up this mission and go home.

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.