Setsuninto and Katsujinken (Specifications)

Type: Ultra high-frequency swords

Models: UF Blade 890

Classification: S-Class vibroweapons

Production: Custom units

Designer: [Redacted]

Unit Cost: [Redacted]

Material: Tengledium steel

Additional notes:
Without ultrasonic mode engaged, the steel is durable enough to withstand a bullet (caliber: .475 enhanced armor-piercing round). In ultrasonic mode, the blade oscillations allow for cutting power nearly ten times stronger than average Tengledium steel.

An additional mode is currently in development that will superheat the blade, allowing cutting power to exceed that of traditional vibroweaponry. No detailed data is yet available regarding this mode, however prior attempts have failed to produce desired results due to the unit’s heat generator melting the blade. No known Tengledium tests have been recorded, but recent studies conclude that Tengledium may be able to withstand the heat levels required to produce the world’s first superheated blade.

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.