Pallad City Police Department
Central Database /// Personnel Records

Officer: Madison Wynter
Birthplace: Pallad City

Background Information:

At the age of 18, Wynter joined the private military contractor, Death Widow. She spent the next three years with the PMC, working on contracts across the globe [see attached supplemental documents for further details]. After severing ties with the company, she relocated back to Pallad City and applied for a position with the PCPD. Within three years she rose up the ranks and was assigned to the Special Crimes Unit.

[Please note, due to the recently enacted Operative Risk Act, some files concerning Ms. Wynter’s involvement in Death Widow remain classified.]

Performance Evaluation [Revised]:

Ms. Wynter has difficulty ‘embracing the system’ and is constantly operating on the edge of the law. She exhibits extreme anti-social behavior and spends most of her time in the firing range. She rarely associates with other officers and has a record of prior issues with partners that were assigned to work with her. Ms. Wynter’s hardened and distant demeanor has led many on the force to refer to her as the “Ice Queen of the PCPD,” while her loose-cannon tactics have earned her the title “Maniac” Madison. Perhaps her aggressive tendencies can be linked to her unstable upbringing in the Kurtow Ruins.

Her reckless and overly violent tendencies have led to extensive property damage, injuries to multiple suspects, and two lawsuits—both of which were dropped shortly after police interrogation, conducted by Ms. Wynter [internal investigation regarding this matter is still ongoing].

It’s worth noting that, despite these issues, Ms. Wynter does hold an impressive track record and has achieved undeniable results during her time with the PCPD.

[Please see document 4H for individual quarterly evaluations.]

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.