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Topic: NexCoast…Frauds?

237 :EarthOne: 10/29 (14:23:09) ID: 8ie98ns1
At this point it’s public knowledge that NexCoast is a scam operation. They boast about all the good they’re doing for the environment and marine life, but the situation on the front lines continues to decay day after day. How many more species of fish will we lose next year?

238 :EcoSaviorX: 10/29 (14:24:45) ID: 8uN93er1
More like, how many more excuses will we hear from NexCoast next year on why they couldn’t prevent it. I’d be interested to see what’s going on in their Volkan Island facility, if anything. They’ve been all hush-hush about the place for years. Probably means it’s vacant.

239 :AquaticMerc29: 10/29 (14:25:23) ID: 2utF4bv1
Never trust a corporation to keep their word. Ever. Lining their pockets/increasing their bottom line is the only concern NexCoast has. If something is going to be done about protecting this planet, you can bet your ass it won’t be done by them. We need to take action before it’s too late.

240 :AlliedPeaceMerchant: 10/29 (14:26:59) ID: Tn7BYv8
My sis worked for NexCoast a few years ago and met some of the people they were sending to the Volkan Island research base. Honestly, she was thrilled they didn’t ask her to go. She said all the scientists were a bunch of weirdos.

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