Jori Wrest, Pallad City Post

Competitors take note, Alacore Industries is one of the latest, and arguably hottest, diversified multinational conglomerates on the block. Reaching megacorp status only four years ago, Alacore Industries manufactures equipment for heavy industry, operates an extensive consumer tech division (they were responsible for the NMT NetScreen), and have recently expanded into international resort development(!). Their most lucrative enterprise, however, remains the numerous defense contracts that have placed Alacore Industries at the forefront of next-gen weapon development.

Owned and chaired by founder Daedin Alacore, Alacore Industries currently employs over 200,000 people worldwide and has facilities in every major city across the globe. Recently Alacore himself made waves in the industry, criticizing competitors Horizon Global Solutions and Syren Industries for their “lack of vision” regarding a reliance on “outdated weapon systems.” Many believe Alacore’s statement was directed at the recent power suit concepts from the rival companies—both of which have revealed their latest models only months apart (both reveals were met with lukewarm reception by the public and industry professionals alike).

(Continued in Section 2B)

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.