Audio Log: #23
Date: 11/4
Officer Name: Madison Wynter

“Over the last few hours I’ve worked my way through most of Fantasy Funland. So far, my efforts have yielded no further leads on the whereabouts of the three missing girls—Ori Simkin, Aina Elmarit, and Dorothy Rohan.

Each of the girls disappeared in different areas of the park. Simkin was last seen near the Hanu statue, while Rohan had been spotted at the cafe. I’ve checked both areas. The park employees aren’t much help. With thousands of park-goers per day, it’s unrealistic to assume anyone working here would remember specific faces.

Elmarit was last sighted entering Fright Manor, which is where I’ll be heading next. If anything, Fright Manor is located at the center of the park, in close proximity to where the other two girls disappeared. I’m hoping I can uncover something there that sheds some light—any light—on this case.”

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.