Ongoing Investigation File: #4594-B1
Case Subject: “Miss Bliss”
Investigator: Celia Denson


Within the last six months, four separate criminal investigations have turned up the name “Miss Bliss.” Whether this is the alias of a single individual, or the name of a criminal network, has yet to be determined. Below are the cases where this name has been associated:

File #4428-E1

A drug trafficking ring discovered at the M4-77 warehouse in the Ardus District. Suspect mentioned “Miss Bliss” as a distributor of the drug Euphoria. Investigated. No further leads.

File #4011-C2

Blackmail scam uncovered, involving over 30 prominent individuals, ranging from politicians, corporate executives, and celebrities. “Miss Bliss” was the name used to contact each individual.

File #3901-A3

Intercepted a shipment of illegal Class VII sex androids [Model X3-D92]. These units were recalled by the manufacturer over a year ago, due to a hazardous flaw in the units’ programming which could make them go berserk. Ownership of X3-D92 units are now prohibited by law. Driver of transport claimed their contact person was someone called “Miss Bliss,” but never met them face-to-face. Investigators were unsuccessful in their attempts to make contact with “Miss Bliss.”

File #2189-D7

Cyber Crime Division discovered the existence of NetDigger, a malicious program that monitors and records a user’s history on the Net—while uploading the data to another private party. NetDigger is used as a form of ransomware, threatening to publish the victim’s data unless a hefty sum is paid. CCD believes that NetDigger originated from the ShadowNet, designed by a user with the “Miss Bliss” screen name. All efforts to infiltrate the ShadowNet and this user have failed.

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.