Attention: City Clerk

Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: Incident w/ Pallad City Police

I am writing this letter to give you notice of the time [6:56 PM], place [Grendales], and manner of damages caused to my business by the Pallad City Police Department.

Because of the actions of several PCPD officers, I have suffered the following damages:

1. Destruction of an SA-82 service android and charging station.
2. Extensive damages to an area of the building (where charging station had been located).
3. Destruction of a changing room.
4. Damage to inventory.
5. Emotional distress to my customers and employees.

I am now contemplating a civil suit against the officers involved and the Pallad City Police Department for their negligence resulting in the extensive damage to my business, inventory/property, and service android.

The PCPD incident number in this matter is #87762TYR

Kristopher Grendales

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Ryo Kawakami.