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Chatting with Kriss Kallum – NetRadio Program

KALLUM: Anyone read about that Pallad City Post poll a couple days ago? A survey came out claiming most people in this town believe the police are, get this, unfit for duty. I’m thinking we should really hear another perspective, and who better to speak with than some of the most level-headed minds of our day. I’m speaking, of course, about our esteemed listeners. [Audible Laughter] Let’s go to our first caller. Aron from the Lago District, you’re live on Chatting with Kriss Kallum. What are your thoughts? Any faith in the good ol’ PCPD?

CALLER: I actually wanted to talk about something else, but since you’re asking—no, I have zero trust in the cops.

KALLUM: The poll was vague about the definition of unfit. What do you think—are the officers literally out of shape like, you know, unfit in a purely physical sense? Or you think they’re unfit in a more, uh, ‘mentally incompetent’ use of the term?

CALLER: It doesn’t matter, because you wanna know what I really think? This city needs more than just regular cops. You hear about that experimental tank that almost got loose in the city a few days ago?

KALLUM: Nope. Haven’t heard that one.

CALLER: Damn right you didn’t, they covered it up!

KALLUM: Ah, the classic coverup. And you know this…how?

CALLER: I’ve got contacts, Kallum. I know what’s really going on in this city. Remember those crazy monster sightings in Pallad City Park last week? I heard it was actually one of those robot police dogs that went nuts. A lot of stuff’s going on out there and the media’s not reporting any of it!

KALLUM: Well, Aron, good thing you’re around to fill us in on all the action we’ve been missing. Thanks for the call. When we come back, we’ve got a caller who claims he was stuck in a malfunctioning autotaxi for twelve hours with the ghost of his ex-wife. Who’d want to miss that?

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.