Excerpt from Kynn Hunter’s restaurant travel guide, “Delicious Discoveries: 100 Diners Worth Your Dollar!” published by Valco Press.

Looking for a quick bite at an affordable price? Then Citylite Diner is worth a visit, making it our go-to location in Pallad City. Their menu contains the usual fare: burgers, hot dogs, pizza, etc—but, unlike many other diners on our list, they also have a wide selection of healthy options to choose from. Having been in businesses for nearly 60 years, Citylite has a long-standing reputation for quality. Though their dishes are simple and may appear relatively unremarkable at a glance, everything we sampled was loaded with flavor. The serving sizes were equally impressive!

Citylite Diner’s retro-fashioned interior also provides customers with a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. Word of caution, outside the establishment is an entirely different story. To eat there you’ll need to venture into Pallad City’s notorious Lago District, a less-than-hospitable area [especially after sundown, as your beloved author discovered for himself after his wallet was ‘liberated’ by a few locals].

Recommended dish? The ‘Old Sizzler Supreme’ cheeseburger.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.